Uploading your photos onto Club Motorhome

IMPORTANT - photos need to be smaller than your phone/tablet/camera produces..

This means that you need to reduce the size of your photos before you upload them to your timeline, profile, forum posts or article comments on Club Motorhome.

Uploading photos that are too big will just fail.

The good news is that resizing photos is a very easy process and there are lots of ways to do it.

The 2 easiest ways I use when we're on our own travels and want to upload my latest photos is simply one of these:

1. Email the photos to be uploaded to myself. This may sound daft but when doing this there is usually an option to reduce the filesize of the photo to email - just select the small version and press send. When you receive them in an email you just save them and use THOSE reduced images to upload.

2. If you already use social media like Facebook etc just upload your full size photos there and then download/save them back to your device. Then use the saved photos to upload.

The above processes take just minutes and don't involve any other software.

Using external software

Firstly, your computer system (Windows, MAC etc) may well already have options to edit your photos. However...

You can use various resizing programs to reduce your photos. Googling 'resize photos free' will give lots of options including software that you can download so that the job can be done on your own machine. Or, there are online resizing websites that allow you to submit your full size images and then download the reduced versions that they process for you.

An example of resizing software for your laptop/pc is: www.freesizer.com

An example for use on a phone/tablet is an app: Photo & Picture Resizer (Android) and Resizer Free (IOS)

An example of an online resource is: www.picresize.com

These are just EXAMPLES - there are lots to choose from because image uploading size is a common problem!

As a guideline for an acceptable size 100kb - 200kb per image is absolutely fine.

Another way to keep your photos a sensible size is to adjust the camera settings in your phone/tablet to take smaller images in the first place. There really is very little need to take photos that can be up to 10MB each for general use. Images of this size could even be printed off as wall posters and are not required for computer display.

As an example there was a photo of a plate of food uploaded to CM recently that was 10MB (that's ten megabytes!) - this was 100 times the size necessary and therefore took up 100 times the space necessary on our servers. Reduced to 100KB (that's one hundred kilobytes) the photo would display perfectly.

So please don't let this put you off posting your photos, it really is easy - certainly far easier than it was for you to learn how to use your computer/phone/tablet in the first place :) Just try any of the above methods yourself and you'll see...