TRANSCOOL Portable 12/24/240V Evaporative cooler review

TRANSCOOL Portable 12/24/240V Evaporative cooler review

Advertised Features:

Lightweight - 1.5kg
Compact - 22 x 25 x 22cm
Quiet - Comparable noise level to car air-conditioning
Warranty - 12 months
Low current draw - From 0.7 amps
240v Transformer included - for when on EHU or even at home
Constructed in Australia

Current price: Retail price is £349 but we have negotiated that our full members can buy it at any time at their show special price of £299. You’ll need a promo code from me to get this price. Just email me at to get the code.

This is a product review that will be in more than one part.

The first covers the product features and setup, followed by the cooler's performance in long term use.


This just couldn’t be simpler. The unit is fully assembled and ready to go. Just pour in water, through the open hinged lid, up to the level shown on the clear water level window.

Stand it in an upright position wherever you want it.

Plug into a power source and turn on.

That’s it!

TRANSCOOL Portable 12/24/240V Evaporative cooler review TRANSCOOL Portable 12/24/240V Evaporative cooler review

In use

The on switch is combined with the speed regulator knob. Power consumption is claimed to be 0.7amps at low speed, 1.3amps at medium and 1.7amps at high speed.

With a new unit or when its not been used for a while it may take up to 30 minutes to achieve maximum cooling effect. This is simply to allow thorough water uptake in the dry cooling pad.

The water in the internal tank should last for over 8 hours at high speed but with the external tank fitted this is extended to over 30 hours. The external tank is connected to the unit via the supplied tube and must be sited higher than the unit to allow a gravity feed.

The cooler can be used while driving and it is recommended that the water level should not exceed half full whilst on the move - unless the external tank is used as there is a float mechanism within the unit to keep the internal tank at the half full mark.

Although this review is motorhome related the air cooler can be used almost anywhere because it’s so portable - house, caravan, boat, car, tent, even outdoors.


The outgoing airstream from the unit will be up to 45% lower than the ambient air (this can be less in a very humid climate) and the unit has a range of around 8 metres.

It’s recommended to add just a couple of drops of Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil to the tank every couple of fills to prevent bacteria growth over time.

Other oils such as Olbas and Lavender can also be added to scent the air and Citronella is perfect for keeping bugs away - especially when sitting outside as anything or anybody within range will be protected by a very fine mist that settles from the airstream. (We’re particularly keen to see how this bonus feature works!)

First impressions

We were very impressed when we saw this cooler at a motorhome show and we’re also impressed with it in use albeit just briefly at the time of writing this initial review.

We will be trialling this over a long period to see how effective it is on our travels and will write more as we gain more experience of it.

In the meantime the TRANSCOOL12V Evaporative Cooler is available from Transcool and is discounted to Club Motorhome members.

TRANSCOOL Portable 12/24/240V Evaporative cooler review

What’s in the box

Spare cooler filter
External 5ltr reservoir tank (to use if required)
Feeder tube for external reservoir
240v Transformer and power lead
International plug adaptor

To be continued….

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