As you can see our stopovers cover most of Europe and are constantly being added to. With member input we're just adding some in Ireland.


We may have just what you need!

Overnight parking at pubs

In the UK most of the stopovers are pub type stopovers where, with a phonecall in advance, you may stay overnight at little or no cost. We don't only list pubs though, there are also some other interesting places like farm shops, vineyards, breweries etc. Where there are official 'Aires-like' stopovers we list those too (but sadly there aren't many of them).

In addition to our online listings we have now produced a 'book' type downloadable document meaning that all the relevant information for the stopovers can be used offline - there's a sample version of this download available here - Sample Pub-Type Motorhome Stopover Document . We have also produced a short video guide to show how this document works on mobile devices - How to use our offline document

Example: >>A typical UK Stopover listing<<

A typical European stopover

Our European stopovers are mostly Aires with some wildcamping spots and the odd campsites that have been personally recommended by members. You can see by the photo above the coverage is vast! We already have stopovers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain - more countries will be added in due course.

Example: >>A typical European Stopover listing<<

Nearly all the stopovers have been visited and reviewed by us or our members and each entry has:


Photos where available

Google Map

Google Streetview where available

A summary of information which includes the type of stopover, where it is, basic facilities available, cost and GPS co-ordinates

A growing number now include video content which may be of the approach to, or the location itself.

There is also a members comment area.

Every Stopover we list is printable/saveable so you can plan at your leisure and take paper or electronic copies with you.

All the information is in English (although other languages are available just by clicking the appropriate flag in the side margin - Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish)

The cost for all this information?

It's all included in your subscription, so whether you are a lifetime member or an annual full member you get full access.

If you haven't already you can register and subscribe by following this link Join Club Motorhome

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