We have recently added loads of Aires and Stopovers and now include Germany AND Italy. The vast majority of the Aires and Stopovers listed so far on Club Motorhome have been personally visited and reviewed and are displayed with GPS co-ordinates, photographs, Google Maps and Google Street View where available. We certainly don't claim to list 'all the aires' in our databases but being an online resource, submitted to and updated by members, they are as up-to-date as possible - so don't suffer from the out of date information that a book has prior to its reprinting.
We make no apology for featuring the other countries in Europe at least as much as we do the UK, simply because those countries are generally much more motorhome friendly! Over many years we have built up a substantial listing of Aires and other stopovers entailing literally hundreds of nights motorhoming and many thousands of kilometres seeking them out. During these years we have spent a lot more time travelling and researching stopovers (Aires) and it always delights us just how perfect France is for motorhomes. We would really like to encourage other motorhomers to visit and experience this for themselves especially as the weather can be (and has been) so dire in the UK.
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  colo60 — The thing I find when comparing the UK to France in motorhome travelling / parking terms is the way France are so much more accommodating to us, they obviously see the finance side to economies of regions by us being there, BUT they do not take the mick, they look after the traveller, there is alwa......
  Tekmaster — We are also returning to France in September after a lovely time spent on Aires in June around the Dordogne area...
  NEILMAC — Hi Tommy, we haven't used it ourselves but there is some free motorhome parking in Caen N49.199348, W0.385730 You might want to post your question on our forums :-)...
Our motorhome stopover listings just got even better! Following the success and popularity of our UK Pub Stopover listings we have been campaigning hard to add more locations. We now include other interesting motorhome friendly stopover locations to increase the appeal to those who don't just want to stopover at pubs. These include vineyards, breweries, farm shops, craft centres and more.
We have increased our coverage of Aires and Stopovers in Spain! The map showing their locations can be seen here, but you will need to be logged in as a subscriber to see the individual details.
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