Guidelines for using the UK Pub Stopover information on Club Motorhome. 1. It is the user's responsibility to establish the location is still offering the facility to stay overnight with a motorhome. 2. Once a potential night-stop is selected you must telephone or email the premises to confirm availability and any requirements that they may have in return for you using the parking facility. This is to ensure that you don't have a wasted journey due to possible changes regarding business ownership, policy or closure etc. This is a short video explaining how our pub-type stopovers work in practice 3. If you find that there has been a change to a listing please update the information by adding a comment to the facility at the bottom of each location's page. This will keep the published information as current as possible and will be very helpful to other members. 4. Whilst many of these locations don't charge anything for parking they are businesses and they obviously hope to get some business in return for their hospitality. This is why we don't promote them as 'FREE Stopovers'. Please be sure to patronise the business! 5. Base information to compile these lists has come from various sources including recommendations, member submissions and personal contact and is not guaranteed by Club Motorhome. 6. Locations have also been checked and confirmed using Google Earth and where possible Google Streetview. 7. Club Motorhome has no association, business or otherwise, with any Businesses listed. 8. All information is believed to be correct at the time of writing 9. Your use of these lists confirms that you accept that Club Motorhome is not liable or responsible for any inaccuracies within. 9. These listings are subject to copyright and are available for use by Full Members of Club Motorhome. Therefore we would politely ask that they are not distributed to anyone else other than yourself as that action may breach that copyright - Thank you for your understanding. Submit a Potential Stopover To submit a pub or other interesting location please click the button and complete the brief details Submit a Stopover
Although we confess that we love Spain so much we have a home here, the purpose of this article is not to sell you Spain. Naturally we have no reason to do this, it makes no difference to us if you choose to visit or not. What we have tried to do is to provide some information and thought provocation to help you make informed choices as to your reasons for a visit or otherwise. Reasons to avoid Spain are plenty if you listen to the rumour and chat that abound around many motorhome forums.
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  Transittrv — We have just bought our first Motorhome, and are anxious to try it out before we travel down to our apartment on the Costa Blanca. However, we have two small King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, and wonder if anyone can advise us of dog friendly sites in the UK & Europe.Thank you in anticipation......
Helpful tips to stretch out those funds! As the domestic arm of this partnership it is down to me to plan, amongst other things, the money and cooking. Being semi retired early, we have to keep a strict eye on spending so that funds last until pensions kick in. This being the case we are only able to 'travel' provided we can live with what we have already got. If like us you are living on a budget or are new to motorhoming you may be put off by the costs sometimes shown in peoples summaries of their travels.
An extract from the Espana Discovery website "Inspired by the concept of France Passion we have decided to create our own version of Discovering Spain by Motorhome.
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