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  about 4 years ago
Great posting. I have recently had to replace my tires on the MH and have been trying to decide which tires I should go for. I had Conti Vanco camper which I have been well satisfied with as a summer tire. I have now gone for the Michelin's camper tires as they are rated M&S . It appears people either like the Michelin's or hate them. I'm out on my first trip on them. So far I like them. We had 10 cm of snow on our driveway which has a bit of a slope. The Michelin's got me out. The Conti's would not have. I think the Michelin's have a little more road noise if you listen for it. And they seem to roll a little more on round abouts. I only got 37 thousand kilometers out of the Conti's, will be interested to see how the Michelin's do.
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  about 4 years ago
I am looking at something like this:

The handle bars fold down to reduce the height so it can fit in the trunk of the camper. It weighs 80 kilos which is well within the limit of the camper
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