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  3. Sunday, 16 April 2017
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Hi folks..... Seeking advice from experienced Motorhomers!!
Lyn and I purchased our first motorhome last November, and are complete newbies. So far, we have mainly done day-trips, since, following advice picked up from reading various articles, we drained the tanks for the winter in order to avoid the risk of damage caused by frost.(Although, living in Cornwall, hard frosts are very few and far between!!).
We have spent one long weekend away, but used bottled water for making tea & coffee, and on-site shower blocks for our ablutions. Having reached a point where we have familiarised ourselves with the workings of the oven, hob, fridge, heating, etc., we are now looking to move on to venturing further afield for longer periods, but obviously need to prepare the water tank prior to refilling it and using it for washing/showering & cooking purposes.
We have purchased suitable sterilising powder recommended by our local outlet for caravan/motorhome supplies, but would welcome any/all advice regarding how far in advance of our first extended trip we should carry out this work, and basically, any other advice which may be relevant and helpful!

Many thanks in advance for any/all advice given....

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