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  3. Monday, 01 May 2017
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Does anyone have a cobra 4615MH Alarm fitted?
We have had one in our new van as required by insurance but it is very unclear on how to set the perimeter alarm at night.
1) we cannot lock the doors with the central locking key as this would set alarm incuding interior sensors.
2) If we lock doors via button on dash then we can set the alarm with the key fob but how do we set it without the internal sensors.
3) instructions say press the button on the dash within 5 seconds of turning off the ignition to disable the internal sensors great but does this mean we have to turn on the ignition every night before we lock up and set the alarm? Does not seem correct!
Tried emailing Cobra support but no replies.

I thought I had chosen the correct alarm after selecting a motorhome specific alarm that advertises selectable sleep mode?

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