1. Dilly
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  3. Sunday, 30 July 2017
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Hi this is my first post so be gentle with me !!
We are nearing to buy our first motorhome and start planning our adventures as we are taking the plunge and retiring earyish and to start travelling thoughout europe with no fixed abode in good old blighty (Is there anyboby else out there also doing this crazy plan ?) We would be intrested to hear from other members advice on travelling in France & Spain. For example we have read that there are sometimes free camping on town car parks in France although not sure if this is true throughout France and how easy they are to locate. We would also like to hear of any tips about travelling in europe for long periods of time (wifi, best way to access bank accunts etc) and whether there is a network of members touring europe that we could keep in touch with so we know sometime there will be a frendly face to talk to and have a beer or two

Heres to the good life !!
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