1. melv
  2. Beginners
  3. Thursday, 31 August 2017
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Having owned our (first) motorhome for 10 months now, we are about to undertake our first overseas trip with her..... Don't know whether we're feeling confident or competent, but are certainly beginning to feel like we have some idea of what we're doing, at least some of the time!! Have been trying, with little success (I'm a technophobe!), to find information on the "tinternet" as to what foods, liquids (alcohol mainly!) and other items are prohibited or restricted for taking into France and/or Belgium, and would be grateful for any advice..... And if anyone has any advice on "must do" places to visit in connection with the WW1 battlefields/memorials and the WW2 Normandy beaches, your input would be very much appreciated....
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