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  3. Tuesday, 07 November 2017
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I have the above installed in my Rapido V55 cqmpervan which is 9 months old and with 16,000 Kms on the clock. we have had no problems until our last trip. the cassette was 2/3rds full and we travelled over uneven roads in the montains in Italy for the morning. when we got to a service point and i took the cassette out to empty; it had leaked into the bakc channel in the cassette compartment.

there was no evidence of leks, damage or any other thing that could explain this leak. we cleaned, disinfected (repeatedly) and the odour has now gone away. lthough we qere very careful for the rest of the trip and checked frequently under various conditions, it did not reoccur.

has anyone else xperienced htis and is there an explanation?
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