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  3. Saturday, 06 January 2018
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Well not literally but while out in the camper/motorhome.
As I've too much time on my hands I've been thinking ahead to our planned trip up to the arctic circle later this year.
As I'm planning a lot of wild camping I thought about bread,as you do and thought what a good idea to be self sufficient and make our own,saves having to find a shop enroute.
We've got a smev oven which does the job as I tested it and it turned out fine.
I;m only planning simple bloomers as I've had good results with the simple recipe for a handmade loaf using strong white flour olive oil yeast and water with a touch of salt.Youtube was a good source of information for methods and I soon got the hang of it.
The results are far better than shop bought .
Anyone else baking their own bread in the camper or at home?It's so easy.:D
Pete and jan
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