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  4. Friday, 30 March 2018
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I'm sure it's been discussed before, so I've searched a bit and loooked at the Portugal Tolls website and I'm can't see what's best to do. There seems to be several systems - I thought that the autotoll where your registration number and credit card get linked looked best - but there doesn't appear to be a convenient location if travelling from Seville to Lisbon and it only applies to some tolled roads anyway, with other means of payment elsewhere.

We don't ususally use a lot of motorways anyway, but like to be prepared in case we do want to use them. Is there any advice anyone can give, please, for a trip which will come into Portugal somewhere between Seville and Portugal [not necessarily on a main road] then leave Porugal somewhere along its northern border, other than don't use toll roads.

We've managed to work out the toll systems in countries across Europe, but Portugal seems to have he most obtuse arrangments [couldn't be called a system!]. Any advice gratefully received.
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