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  3. Sunday, 06 May 2018
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I am a year into retirement and my wife retired many years ago! We (and the dog) have bought a VW T5 camper van and intend to initially complete a tour of England and Scotland before heading south through France in the autumn. Most of you will appreciate that a T5 is not a motorhome and it will be a bit of a tight squeeze to take everything that we will need.

We aim to keep costs as low as possible by using the 'Aires' but of course our biggest problem will be showering. Most of these stopovers do not have showers and I would like some advice about how experienced travellers get around this problem. Do people who do not have showers on board their motorhomes pay to use the local swimming pools and use the facilities there? (perhaps you can pay just to shower in these places, I don't know).

If it turns out to be a major problem then we will just have to use campsites which provide the facilities we need. I am sure that there is a wealth of experience on this site and I am looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions.:)
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