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  4. Sunday, 06 May 2018
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Sunday 3nd June 2018 is a day of vintage street racing in a small village in Northern France called Carignan.
We will be there for the days racing and make a weekend of it at nearby municipal camping at Sedan or Mouzon
The village route is lined with Hay bales and various classes of Historic vehicles including motorcycles complete circuits of the route for the trophys. We found no trouble parking for free at the nearby streets and the event itself is free entry.
If you enjoy the smell of burning castrol oil you will love it.
There is plenty of time to wander round the pits area where they all assemble and most of the owners are only too pleased to chat with fans.
Check it out:- http://www.grand-prix-retro-yvois.fr/programme/index.html
You are quite close to Luxembourg and from there the Mosel vineyards and camper trail.
Any members need further info let me know.
The cars assemble on Saturday 2nd for a drive of about 120 km with lunchtime and evening food stops. Never followed this but I may well do this year.
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