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  4. Thursday, 12 July 2018
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If anyone is in the Alps or thinking of going, there is a nice stopover on the D909, very close to the popular Col des Aravis (bars, restaurants, gift shops). The cara park is large and reasonably level, it belongs to the cheese farm opposite. In high season there is a sign for a 2e parking fee (this wasn’t installed yet when we were there). Or .... just park up, walk up to the farm house opposite, buy a Reblochon cheese for 6e (or Tomme de Savoie) and you are welcome to stay the night or longer if not full. There are views of Mont Blanc in one direction and great sunsets in the other, some walking trails nearby. A lovely stopover that we were reluctant to leave but could only stay one night at the time as meeting friends in Annecey.

« Vive La France, le paradis du camping-car! »
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