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  3. Monday, 16 July 2018
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Hello folks...
New to the motor home and clubmotorhome but a pair of caravan veterans so looking forward to our new adventures, advice and support from fellow campers.

We have taken on Ness, tbh we knew we had our work cut out as we have always taken on unloved and abused projects and given them another chance but this by far our biggest challenge.

As hubby is a caravan engineer we knew what to look for which has been the most valuable part of purchasing this old lady but when we got her home (flat bed due to her poor condition) we were not only surprised but horrified at what we found! Sold as a sturdy project which had been damp repaired... how dangerous some people can be with power tools and a small amount of knowledge :( ... I do believe that the story behind Ness will eventually be told...

Anyway in 5 very short weeks she has passed her MOT, had all damp removed, re-panelled, resealed, reupholstered, electric & gas safety checks and she is now waiting to take us all on our summer adventure into europe! :D :D :D

IMG_1394.JPG IMG_1399.JPG IMG_1400.JPG IMG_1428.JPG IMG_1404.JPG IMG_1495.JPG
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