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  4. Thursday, 04 October 2018
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so I needed to re insure my old skoda Octavia that's been kicking around the family since 2004 all the while making every one insure it on there own policy, as my son wanted to use it for more than two years I used my no claims discount on the camper as before it was a policy with no no claims entitlement, all ok premium down a bit, so I then get a quote its ok for my needs send over the details of my NCD and pay up front full amount, only to be told they do not accept NCD send another equal amount of payment and start at zero NCD, which I did not and found an insurer that was happy to mirror the discount on the camper, result, so beware insurers do not all play by the same rules and even some of the biggest high street names are now only brokers not the insurer,