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  4. Tuesday, 23 April 2019
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Hi all.
Just an update on all the work Iv'e had done on my Rapido, Millie did ask for an update.
Glad that I had done work for the garage that carried out all the things needed doing, as he did it for parts and only a small labour charge as I did for them.
So , new cam belt, water pump, aux belts, oil filter, New radiator, 2 oil leaks fortunatley on rocker cover gasket, anti freeze, front exhaust system engine coupling, gaskets for engine and exhaust system.
The engine managment fault turned out to be No 2 cylinder injector, oh and then 2new front tyres.
All in all I thought great deal at £1578.32p
If anyone is around my area Trowbridge Wiltshire it's K.S.MOTORS WILTSHIRE, 109 Washington Road, West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury Wiltshire, BA13 4JP.
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