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  3. Friday, 26 April 2019
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Until recently, we normally stored the Wastemaster cassette and the water roller tank in the toilet / shower area when on the road. A bit of a hassle if you needed to use the bathroom when on the road. :D We noticed some water collecting in the shower tray but assumed that possibly the Wastemaster was not fully empty and maybe the cap was not screwed down.

We were wrong and the water was coming from the toilet unit frame. As the toilet cassette was new, it could not be that and it transpired that the water was coming out of the bench fitting itself. Our shower / toilet area is pretty standard and not exclusive to the Elddis Autoquest 100 that we own.

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I had often wondered if it was possible to remove the washbasin to clean behind it but had never tried. There was no help on this subject in the manual. I noticed one morning after shaving that the waste water water that I had tipped down the chute was filling the chute and was not draining away. Water was oozing out of the frame of the bench toilet and collecting in the shower tray.

The answer to the problem.

I managed to remove the wash basin by moving it to the down position and then raising it slightly and pulling the unit backwards. Out it came OK.


to reveal:




The drain was completely blocked with bits of soap and gunge, and once that was cleared, all the water drained away. The drainage chute is backed by the flat plastic area behind the toilet seat and over time the seal between the chute and the flat plastic had failed; hence the leakage of water into the shower tray. I resealed the joint once the chute had dried out and replaced the wash basin. I now am much wiser about keeping the drain clear. A pity there is nothing about this in the handbook.

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