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  4. Friday, 01 November 2019
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Our free windscreen disc to download on the Club Motorhome website - get it here FREE 2020 windscreen disc.

Full Member Disc 2020 900mm sample.jpg

Recognition of you/your motorhome to your fellow members displaying this disc. It's also essential to reassure a pub or business owner that you are a member and understand the usage guidelines when using our Pub Stopovers.

Did you know?
You can use our Search for Stopovers facility to find our Pub Stopovers near you (or any other location you want to search) Search for Pub Stopovers

Did you know?
All our Pub Stopovers are available on eBooks - Full Members can download the latest copies of these at any time to use offline on tablets, smartphones and laptops FREE Motorhome Stopover eBooks. There's also a sample available to non members click the red button on this page to get your free sample
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