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The Main Menu is available on every page of the website but this tutorial shows the Home Page as an example

main menu icon on homepage.png

The Main Menu is accessed via the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner of the page.

IMPORTANT! These little lines have to be pressed accurately. If you are not accurate you will press the surrounding Club Motorhome logo which will take you back to the Home Page.

main menu open.png

With the Main Menu open the various sections are self explanatary, just click the one you want to go to.

IMPORTANT! If you want the general categories in the menu click the wording, if you want to go further into the menu of that section click the arrow next to it.

For this example which is to get to the Pub stopovers in Lincolnshire (I use that one because members AND non-members can see that information) you click the arrow next to Pub Stopovers

pub stopovers.png

You now have a list of some topics plus a list of all the counties. Just scroll down until Linclonshire appears. If you click the word Lincolnshire you'll go to that page of pub stopovers. However, if you click the arrow next to it instead you will go to the next level down the menu which is to download the eBook for Lincolnshire Pub Stopovers.

Just remember, that the wording takes you to that section and the arrow (where there is one) takes you to the next level down the menu.

This is a short video showing what's described above (except towards the end the ebook is accessed from the Lincolnshire page rather than the main menu)

If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!

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