Monday, 06 September 2021
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We have arranged a 10% discount off all CONNECT range products, quite a saving!

If you are not familiar with KUMA, they produce some great equipment for access to the internet from your motorhome (or from anywhere actually)


We will be doing a review on one of their new CONNECT products which is a mobile router and 4G antenna shortly. The review will be on the 'KUMA PLAY' model as it has the most convenient to use antenna with no roof drilling required!


But you can take advantage of the special discount now by using our coupon code - Club Motorhome CONNECT 10 - or via this link to the KUMA website. Don't forget the discount applies to any product in the CONNECT range!

I've personally used KUMA's wifi extender antenna (at my own expense - so no bias) for some years and have found it to be a great help on our travels.

So have a look at their website and the CONNECT range, 10% off is a good saving on what is already a competitively priced product range :)

If it ain't broke..... Don't fix it!

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