1. stevegreen
  2. Satellite & TV
  3. Friday, 02 September 2011
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Hi All.

I ned to replace my ageing TV in the motorhome as it no longer plays DVDs and running a laptop to watch DVDs on is not really a viable option due to charging issues. I have noticed the AVTEX brand which look like decent TVs but they are a lot more expensive than others on the market. I do like the idea that I can watch films from an external hard drive and the fact that they are 12v so the inverter can go, but, are they that muc better and worth the extra investment.

Any recommendations for other options?

I also would like to upgrade my SKY box which runs with my Oyster 85cm dish to enable me to switch satellites automatically. This I would like to be a 12v unit too and preferably with the option of a magic eye. I have seen the Snellybox which appears to be good but again, expensive. Any cheaper options out there that people can recommend?

Thanks for your input.