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  3. Friday, 14 February 2014
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My name is Chris & my wife is Gail. We live in Cornwall near Truro. I dont have a motorhome but my situation is this.
We have motorhomed with rentals in the US a couple of times & love the lifestyle. We would like to purchase a vehicle and are planning to travel to Germany to buy a secondhand Hymer(or similar for £15000).
I think this would be a viable proposition compared with purchasing one in the UK but would stand to be corrected!
The other thing is that I have cancer & to do what I have described quickly will involve borrowing the money at a horrrible rate (got equity but no savings!). I know we could rent one but that cost is pretty high & if things go well we might be able to use it for several one month trips.Any advice would be welcome.
Chris :unsure:
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