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  4. Wednesday, 19 August 2015
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If you are familiar with the stopovers and information on this website you'll know that virtually all GPS coordinates used are in Decimal Degrees format. Time and experience (and preference) has shown this to be the easiest system to use.

There are other formats though:
DD° MM' SS.S" Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
DD° MM.MMM' Degrees and Decimal Minutes
DD.DDDDD° Decimal Degrees

Different websites and publications may use any of these so it may be necessary to convert what is displayed into your own preferred format. Before the advent of smartphones and apps it was necessary to use a converter website like Boulter which, of course, meant having to be online.

Anyway, the point of this topic is that there are now apps for smartphones that will do this job very nicely and I came across one today that I've downloaded and tried out.

Coordinates Converter Free

Its very simple and easy to use - I tried the GPS co-ords from one of our pub stopovers as an example

Just type the format you see listed into the relevant boxes and the other type enters itself

Pressing the 'Map' button converts to a location map

And pressing the send button gives you the option to email or text the location to someone and also to view as a Google Map.

Pressing the 'Locate' button gives the GPS of your current position.

Brilliantly simple and its free B)

For those using Android devices there are other apps to choose from and although I haven't tried it, this one looks similar CoordTransform
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