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  4. Friday, 06 November 2015
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My Home Town - Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon is set at the very southern end of the Cotswold and is an historic woollen town built with mellow sandstone on the banks of the river Avon in Wiltshire. Now, I could go on and talk about the magnificent Tythe Barn, Saxon Church, Ancient Town Bridge and the wonderful architecture as well as the historical links to industry, Moulton Bicycles and Marcos Cars to name just two. However, all this can be found on the BOA websites http://www.bradfordonavon.co.uk/ http://www.bradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk/index.php and further research.

You will find when visiting Bradford on Avon in a motorhome, either for a few days or if you are just passing through, like most places in the UK, off street parking provision for motorhomes is non-existent. If you don’t park within the lines of the available car parks you will get a fine!
(Come on Local Authorities wake up and provide parking for motorhomes that will generate an income stream in the town)!

Although there are campsites in the area most of them are too far out of town for motorhomes as it would involve a bit of a walk along busy roads without pavements. Off Street parking is limited as the roads are pretty busy but Moulton Drive is an option as it is unrestricted, wide enough, and ideally situated next to the canal path which offers a pleasant walk into town. Eating out in Bradford is a diner’s paradise, everything from Fish & Chips, Tapas and full blown French cuisine is available. If you like to walk off your lunch then head for Tory at the top of town as this will give you a great view over the rooftops and on a good day you can see Westbury White Horse and Salisbury Plain. If you fancy a longer but easier walk then head along the canal to Avoncliff (2 miles) where the Kennet Avon Canal crosses the River Avon and the railway line. Like many places in the UK you could stay a week or more, especially if you jumped on the train to Bath, about 15 minutes away, and explored further afield.

I have been finding it difficult to find some pub stopovers in BOA and I am still waiting for a couple to let me know. However, there is one not too far away at Semington (about 4 miles) details can be found in the pub stopover section on Club Motorhome.

BOA is a lovely town and well worth the visit

Moulton Drive, N51.336831, W2.249558
Tory, N51.347841, W2.255420
Avoncliff, http://www.avoncliff.co.uk/

So that's my home town what's yours :unsure:
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