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  3. Friday, 01 January 2016
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Hi All. As we are now living in France permanently, we decided to buy a new ‘van here. We have an ‘Adria Twin 640 SLX’ on a Fiat Ducato maxi chassis.
The ‘van came with an automatic sat tv system (dish, digital search box, TNT receiver STB) already fitted. The problem is, this is on Astra 19.2E and only picks up French TV. We do a lot of touring as we are retired (done nearly 11000 Km in 2 months), and would dearly love to watch UK TV whilst away, (Astra 2 on 28E?).
My question is, what parts do I need to change to make this happen? I know I will need a new STB, and probably a new digital search box as well, but will I also need to change the dish? Does the dish and search box/controller come as a package?
I am a Licensed UK and French Amateur Radio Operator, so not afraid to change a few fittings if I need to. Once I have the TV sorted I can then concentrate on establishing a mobile ‘shack’.
Thanks in anticipation for your help.
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