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  4. Wednesday, 10 August 2016
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Hi to All.
Name is Jean going by sobriquet of “ Soon Traveller “ due to early planning towards our dream year away. My wife Lesly and I live in Mauritius, just retired but slogging on towards the trip. We are aiming to do a UK / European adventure in early ( Feb ) ’18, Yes big shock to the system from a tropical summer. As such I would really appreciate your experienced input in helping us getting started with the planning , thus the following queries.
1) Driving Licence. I suppose that I will have to take an international licence. Does it affect the 3500 Kg gross ? Is 3500 enough to live comfortably for a year’s travels? Is it a big hassle to upgrade? Would like to attach small mobilette.
2) Buying. We would be kicking off from Truro aiming to do UK fully and then onto Europe working our way towards the south and through Eastern Europe back up. Recommended to buy from dealer in UK or private? % resale value after a year’s travel?
3) Layout. Have been looking @ 2nd hand sales and leaning towards 4 berth low line , fixed bed type Rapido / Pilote but wary about load capacity and size of bed. We are not overly big but want a comfortable night’s sleep ( Bed over garage ?? ). Sizable vehicle to be able to wild camp accessibility and driving ease.
4) Costs. As most we will be on a tight budget but would enjoy the occasional local restaurant and wine. Following some blogs it seems that at the moment an average of 60 Euros daily ( UK / West / East Europe all told ) covers the expenses including diesel and the occasional camp site or am I being delusional?
I am sure that as the planning goes along I will have lots more questions and in the meantime if anyone has any useful suggestions / tips / advise, please forward on as I am a total novice to the community.

Thanks All and Safe Travels

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