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  3. Saturday, 18 February 2017
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gerry here
We are in Spain at La Manga. On the way down we stopped at an aire called Catalan Village at or near Banyules where there was a shower . My wife used the shower while I filled up with fuel . There was nobody on duty so I put in my credit card . Later an email turned up on our iPhone from Staysure thanking us for getting our travel insurance from them . This was an automatic renewal , we'd rejected their price of £600 odd and had insured with the AA for £ 400 odd . We rang our bank to stop this payment and were then told that there was a demand for fuel payment of £1213 waiting for payment . We thought that our card must have been cloned and were put through to their fraud department .I'd completed the deal by using the correct pin . To cut a long story short I had apparently taken my diesel from a pump especially for lorry drivers , and it's common practice for them to be charged , or their employers . After a week or so trying to drive through Spain attempting to put the worry to the back of my mind we had a statement showing that in fact only £38 had been taken out for the diesel at Banyules.
I don't know if there's been a resolution to your problem John Iggulden but we'll keep an eye open here for your Motorhome which sounds very unusual
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