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  4. Monday, 20 February 2017
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If you haven't subscribed to our occasional newsletters then this is the content of the one sent out the other day :)

FREE Stopover eBooks - Pub Stopovers, Aires, Wildcamping etc

THE best option for deciding between website information and a book when you want a list of stopovers.

EVERY one of our stopovers (Pubs, Aires, Wildcamping etc) is contained within our various eBooks. They are available per country and also by every county or region that we cover.

Gone are the days when you need internet to view them on a website - or have to write or stick updates in a paper book! To get the very latest version at anytime during your membership you just download the ones you want, as often as you want. At the time of download it is as up-to-date as the website itself.

These are a brilliant resource and they're all FREE to full members. You can read more about them here Club Motorhome eBooks

Members' groups

Do you have a particular lifestyle, hobby or interest that you would like to share with other members?

We have set up some members' groups that cover all sorts of subjects from travelling alone to classic cars. At the moment there are about 9 groups and additionally any member is free to start their own.


Member eastridingbri70 has started this group to connect with other solo motorhomers. There are many folks who for one reason or another find themselves travelling alone and connecting with other members can help to overcome concerns that people may have with this lifestyle.

These members' groups are free for all members to join in with.


These are emails from Club Motorhome to advise members of something on the website that is relative to their membership or involvement. They may be just to advise that their membership is due to expire, there may be a reply to their forum topic, there may be another member joining their interest group and so on. More details here NOTIFICATIONS

Members agree to receive these notifications when they join. Please do not mark them as spam, even accidentally :)


As you may already be aware we have 2 levels of membership, Social Member which is FREE and Full Member. The full membership is either paid manually once a year or, for members' convenience, there is a recurring payment option and there are lifetime full memberships.

These levels seem to suit most requirements but in order to tune things a little there are a couple of changes.

Social membership remains free but now lasts 3 months - and it can be renewed each 3 months. The reasoning here is that a LOT of people join this free level and then hideaway somewhere never to be heard of again... So now they will need to, at least, login every 3 months to renew or upgrade, or let their subscription expire.

Club Motorhome is a club environment so I hope to encourage more involvement from free members even if it's only a quarterly look around the site.

Lifetime memberships will no longer (after the end of this month) be a permanent option. Instead they may be available from time as a special offer. So if you are thinking of upgrading to lifetime, which is fantastic value, now is the time... Subscriptions Available

Free Windscreen Discs

Just a reminder that these are available for immediate download FREE (no ordering required, no payment required and no waiting for the postie) to full members download link and there are also personalised ones available free to lifetime members - forum link

And finally...

Andalucia Stopovers

Caromac and I have just returned from our latest 'Aires Hunting' trip which was mostly in Andalucia. After 6 weeks and almost 2500 miles we have been able to add or review about 60 stopovers within Andalucia. All these stopovers contain photographs and videos as well as descriptions, GPS etc.

Caromac's put an article together too Spotlight on Andalucia

So if you are thinking of exploring Andalucia yourself our information is a 'must' for your planning. All stopovers contained in the free eBook for Andalucia as well :) - Andalucia Stopovers

Well that just about rounds up this newsletter so until next time,

Happy Travels,

NEILMAC & caromac

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