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  3. Tuesday, 28 February 2017
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In the process of having a midlife crisis after being made redundant/constructive dismissal/going bust (it's complicated) last year

We want to buy a motorhome and drive up the East coast (with lots of stops) across Scotland & down the West coast between May & September.

But we need a motor home which:
Is automatic
Has a fixed bed
Has a third seat belt for when our daughter can get off college to come & visit/stay with us (not necessarily a berth as she can camp)
The bed needs to be accessible without climbing over each other (but not singles as we like to cuddle)
& is less than about £35k
Oh & in an ideal world we'd like to put a 50cc moped somewhere on/in it (I'm not an engineer this all looks very complicated)

& finally we are also taking out cat!

We intend to buy, have our holiday then sell as tbh we can't really afford it (midlife crisis as I mentioned)

I hope upon reading this you will understand that I really don't have a clue, last time I was in a caper van I was 4 (1972) & I had whooping cough (my parents were not tremendously pleased) & DH has never been in one ever!!

Nice to meet you all & any help gratefully received!
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