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  4. Wednesday, 15 May 2019
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As part of an ongoing revamp of our stopover information I've setup a new search feature ;)

I've put it into a 'live' testing mode so would appreciate your feedback on using it please....

It's pretty self explanatory but all you have to do is set your current position by either clicking on 'GEOLOCATE ME' or enter a place you want to centre the search from (its currently just set to 'France' but you just type what you want instead).

The software is currently set to show you the nearest 1000 stopovers to your location - you can reduce the area of search from the 'Any Distance' dropdown.

You'll see the results are a scrollable list of stopovers starting with the closest.

You could also just zoom in on the map and click on an individual marker.

Photo of how it looks:

Search for Stopovers.png

Access to the facility is both under Motorhome Stopovers and Pub Stopovers in the main menu.

You can also use the following links Search for Stopovers and Search for Pub Stopovers
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