1. scotty1966
  2. Security
  3. Saturday, 17 August 2013
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Hi, Just after my trip to france, in Montpellier the lock was damaged on habitation door and damage to drivers door and scratched paint work, all I can say is good job I didnt get up or might have been locked up, I am now looking into fitting a perimeter alarm system to van, self build and have thought about fittin a 4-10 shot gun cattridge into hab door lock with firing pin that will go off if screw driver knocked in, has any one fitted sensor alarm system to van? and how do you rate the system?,
I am thinking of the use of a small plc controler with beam sensors and audible warning to mine and might market them, other than that I had a nice 4000 mile trip and seen some nice places that I would visit again
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