1. poodles1950
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  3. Saturday, 04 January 2014
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I'm enjoying this site! Am in the very early investigative stage of planning for my solo travels. As A Red Hat lady, I'm sure that I will be able to join the happy network in the UK. There is so much to learn - I've traveled solo quite a lot overseas - but this trip will be different. Through this site, I hope to be able to find a motorhome with a view to buy shortly after my arrival in the UK. With help from penpals, I hope to find just the right rig. My husband and I spent two years traveling Australia and loved meeting other travelers. But this time, it will be just me. I feel sure that there must be other solo RV'ers - perhaps there's a group? If you'd like to contact me, please do. It will be some time before I'm ready, but planning is half the fun. I'm open to advice!
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