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  3. Friday, 26 December 2014
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I,ve finally caught up with technology and been given a tablet for Christmas.
Its a samsung galaxy Tab 4 7 inch so not All All dancing by todays standards but its got something that i need ,namely GPS and wifi.
I think I,ll mainly use it as a sat nav and to that end I,ve been having a play with it (as you do)
I,ve heard of maps.me so downloaded the app with uk and morocco maps which is what I wanted it for.That is working fine but I,ve not tried it out yet.I have loads of POI,s for morocco downloaded from a french site,camping car morocco
I,ve also installed Navfree,Navfree
which looks even better its got options to notify of toll roads and avoid them also RV mode,dont know how good it is yet but its got many poi,s already installed,havent worked out how to put in poi,s yet but Its not important .
Anyone else using these apps or got something else they use.?
I,m on ebay looking for a dash mount also,
Pete and jan
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