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  4. Tuesday, 19 May 2015
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How come I didn't know about this. On our travels in Romania, one evening we went to put the gas on and nothing was coming through. We were pretty upset by this, especially as we were already having problems with the Wale water system filling. We repaired to a campsite where we were able to go on electric hook-up. Next morning I managed to locate a motorhome dealer in Bucharest, the technician who spoke to me (in good English smile! up!) informed me about the button I should press " ......which 95% of the time will fix the problem". I wondered if he had understood me properly, but seemed pretty sure what he was talking about, so I had a look and found a green button which I pressed fully in (using the end of a biro to make sure it was fully depressed) and - hey presto!! the gas was coming through again. What a wonderful man - we were delighted to be back on again.

Apparently all motorhomes since 1.1.2007 should have these crash protection systems fitted - and what's more, you don't need to turn your gas off when travelling if you have one fitted you don't need to turn your gas off when travelling.

It's all here on their website