1. Roy Scott
  2. Heating and plumbing
  3. Wednesday, 06 January 2016
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Hi Folks

Just imported 2006 Hymer BC544 from Germany which has a locker for 2 gas bottles and what I presume is a German gas regulator.

We intend touring Europe for around 9 months using a mixture of Aires/Stellplaetze, along with campsites and some free camping.
Most of our time will be spent in Italy, Croatia, Germany France and Spain (beginning in Spain)

I could use some advice as to which type of gas bottle/regulator I should have installed.
There is some confusion in my mind as to the compatibility of fittings
And there's the choice of refillable bottles vs. exchange bottles. (I've heard exchange bottles offer a cleaner gas).

Many of you appear to have significant experience on this topic so your comments would be welcome.
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