Another lovely sunny day, that's 8 days in a row, never have I had it so dry for so long.

Today we took a trip to Josselin to visit "the must see" Chateau.  We arrived as usual when everything is closed during the period of 12.30-2.30pm.  They were also doing major work in the town, relaying all of the pavements.

Chateau at Josselin

It was well worth the visit, you actually drive by the chateau as you come to the town, with the Nantes Brest Canal on the other side.

Lots of parking which is all FREE.  

We did have a little mishap with Mrs SatNav who took us down towards a very narrow lane when we were trying to find parking, which we had to turn round in a small square.  Should have known when we have to do a three point turn to get round the bend.

View of Chateau from Canal Path

We also got stalked by a wolf in the town. We had the dogs with us and this lone wolf started to follow us, so we took a few turns and lost it, only to find the wolf again behind us, it even crossed the road when we did.

Street in Josselin
Basilique Notre Dame du Roncier

You can go up the tower of this church for Free, however I tried to go up, but it's very narrow and I felt a bit claustrophobic and dizzy with all the round and round.  I bet the view from the top would have been good though.