Search for Pub Stopovers

1. Just use the 'GEOLOCATE' button to centre the search around where you are now. Or type the location (Just change 'Preston' to wherever you want) in the right-hand box to centre it where you want.

2. Select the radius of your search (default is 20 kms)

The results quickly appear as markers on a map - zoom in and out as you wish. There's a scrollable list below it starting with the nearest first.

3. To see full details of the stopover just click the map marker then the popup to get the stopover information. Or click the one you want from the list.

4. You can also click on 'ROUTE' which will open Google Maps. If you are on a pc there's also an option on that Google Map page to send directions to your phone.

Use your location


Total: 1 results found.

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