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Win a CoPilot motorhome/caravan satnav app We have been contacted by ALK Technologies - the developer of CoPilot™ Sat Nav apps for smartphones and tablets, introducing an all-new app: CoPilot Caravan: a sat nav app that provides route planning and sat nav guidance designed specifically for caravan/motorhome drivers. We have negotiated for TWO of these apps to give away to Club Motorhome members! About the App: CoPilot Caravan key features: - Premium quality maps of the whole of Europe (including UK) with details of height and weight-restricted roads - Driver alerts to warn about upcoming hazards like sharp bends and cross winds - Comprehensive pre-trip route planning - Driver-friendly display to reduce distraction on long distance drives - Less than 1/3 of the cost of a dedicated caravan/motorhome satnav device - Fully offline navigation: as with all CoPilot sat nav apps, maps are stored offline on your device so there's no need for a mobile internet connection or expensive data roaming when driving abroad. Price and Availability: The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets immediately through Google Play and in the iTunes AppStore at an introductory 15% discount of £42.99 (will be £49.99). WE HAVE TWO TO GIVE AWAY FREE!
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