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Website vs App I've been asked recently whether we have an app? Well I hope this explanation makes some sense in answer to that question. To be clear this relates to a 'mobile friendly' website compared to a mobile application. The Club Motorhome website is not just a desktop website but it is also 'mobile friendly'. The short videos I've included shows just how app-like the mobile website is. The major difference between a mobile app and a mobile website is that the mobile website is accessed by the user via the internet (therefore requires being online) and the downloadable application is a separate app installed on the phone/device and can be accessed both online as well as often offline.
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Traveller_HA5_3DOM — It must be a good explanation cause I folliwed most if it.??...
Tom1 — Thanks for that brilliant, informative explanation. I think CM works great and I always use my phone to log on....
Fancy a free DIY tracker? If you’ve been in the mobile phone world long enough, you might well have an old smartphone sitting around in a drawer gathering dust. It might be in good condition or it might have a big crack or smashed glass front that you can’t be bothered to repair - for this purpose it doesn't matter. In my case I've put that old phone to good use by creating a vehicle GPS tracking system and it cost nothing! No matter what condition your old phone is in so long as its still basically useable it'll do.
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eurosprinter — I use an app called Alfred Camera,again use an old phone,but wifi connection required,I use the van wifi,with this app you can view the camera from old phone which is tucked away in the van,to view from your smart phone when out and about,as an extra security measure.You can remotely switch camera v......
NEILMAC — Just trying out the new tracker whilst shopping in a supermarket. The markers on the image show where I am in the shop and the other marker, 'Eee Vee' (the name I gave the icon based on the van's registration), is sat in the car park. There are other useful features on the app like the battery lev......
Old Soldier's Guide for Newbie Chuggers Admin Note: Club Motorhome member 'Old Soldier' has kindly sent in the following.... which are extracts from email correspondence that he had with a friend who was new to motorhoming and had asked for help and advice in the early learning days. All I've done here is to compile these extracts into the format of an article which may be of great help to other new motorhomers. Thank you Old Soldier! Owning an expensive motorhome can be expensive!! The cost of fuel, servicing, repairs, additional equipment, insurance, tax, habitation checks, gas bottles, tyres,  campsites, are all in addition to your daily living costs of food, places to visit, cloths etc etc. A fortune can be spent if what you want are expensive brand name services and equipment, there are cheaper alternatives that have worked for Les and I for years. If you have the space then keeping the van at home on your drive can save a fortune in storage costs, It also gives you the opportunity to keep your eye on your van, you can keep equipment in the van that you also might want to use at home or in the garden, and it makes loading and unloading simple and easy. CHARGING THE BATTERY at home
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Uploading your photos onto Club Motorhome IMPORTANT - photos need to be smaller than your phone/tablet/camera produces! This means that you need to reduce the size of your photos before you upload them to your timeline, profile, forum posts or article comments on Club Motorhome. Uploading photos that are too big will just fail.
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KatyMac — Thanks- upload from FB worked fine...
mothy54 — I didn't realise this was such an issue. Will definitely resize when I eventually get some pics....
I've been using a Towtal A-Frame with a RVi2 Electronic braking system for a few years now. This is how to set it all up.
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