Firstly - what is a web-app?

Proper name is Progressive Web App, commonly known as app or web-app. Ours is an app version of the entire website - not just selected parts like stopovers etc, but the whole thing. It runs independantly of any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Brave etc. Which means you can go straight to it once installed without having to open a browser and insert our web address.

Many apps that you use in everyday life can be progressive web-apps - maybe your own bank, Twitter, Uber, Starbucks etc (source - they are app versions of their original websites.

Our own web-app is downloaded by initially using a web browser rather than having to go to Google Playstore or the AppStore.... Now in my experience, and confirmed by numerous articles on the internet, Google are quite happy with the existance of web-apps but not so with Apple, so their IOS systems haven't made much effort to accommodate their use. Maybe there's no money in it for them because their app store earns nothing from their installation and use.

Anyway this is not intended to be an Apple bashing article so on with the installation:

The first thing to do, if you don't already have our web-app installed, is to visit our site's homepage as in this video guide:

This is a direct link to our homepage that should include the app installation invitation. [Homepage with 'Install Web App' invitation] From there the prompts should be self explanatory - just make sure you accept notifications and location requests to get best results.

Information for Apple users

Apple users can do little more than add a shortcut from our home page to their device's homescreen using their browser's 'share' icon. There should also be prompts to receive push notifications and to allow CM to know location but this seems to vary according to the version of device and IOS system being used. I have read recently that Apple are softening to PWAs so hopefully they will continue to get their act together and allow them to function properly.

Our web-app is FREE

There is no charge for installing and using our app so if it doesn't work for you then apologies, but the app is thoroughly tested and works fine (I personally use it ALL the time), your device maybe doesn't support it?

Anyone can download it whether visitor, non-member or full member. Only full members can access all the site information though as with the main website.

Please feel free to coment below...

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Follow steps to add our app icon to your Home Screen for an instant access.
1. Tap the Share (share) button at the bottom of your screen,
2. Scroll down the list of options, then tap the Add to Home Screen ( Add to Home screen ).

Enjoy seamless browsing and stay connected wherever you go!

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