The Club Motorhome website has been designed to be easy and logical to navigate as possible.

We have provided you with more than one way to move around to make the most of this site.

  • Club Motorhome MenuThe 'Main Menu' takes you to the all-important 'Your Page' where you log in, keep upto date with the timeline, group activity and more. Also the main menu will lead you to Members pages, Motorhome Forums, Pub Stopovers, Classifieds/Marketplace etc. Where appropriate these buttons open up when hovered over to reveal buttons leading to more sections.
  • The main menu on a small screen (mobile etc) is accessed by the 3 little red lines in the top left corner of the screen - be sure to press them accurately and gently otherwise you will keep returning to the homepage.
  • Where the menu gets too deep for the height of your screen it is necessary to scroll up or down.

  • 'Breadcrumbs' - A horizontal set of links that are below the top navigation buttons which keep track of your progress through the layers of the site and enable you to click back one or more steps if required.
  • Search Club MotorhomeA search facility which is accessed from the search boxes allowing you to search for any keyword or phrase that will lead to all articles, forum topics etc containing those words. This facility will only give complete results to Full Members.
  • Various 'modules' appear in the side margins throughout the website - these can take you directly to content that may be of interest to you eg. Latest Stopovers, Latest Article Comments, Latest Stopover Feedback, Latest Forum Posts, Random Classifieds, and Latest Blogs etc.

More information on what you can do on the website is here - Your Input

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