Part of the fun of motorhoming is planning the next trip. With this in mind we are inviting members to write a diary of any special, unusual or new trips that they have made or, are planning to make.

We would like to leave this free to the writer to tell all about it in their own words. We would simply ask that where possible some idea of costs are included, mileage and weather reports would be nice especially where relevant to the trip taken. It can be a long or short trip, home or abroad and detailing any special interest, for example, battle sites, vineyards, whisky trails – hic!

If you would like us to publish details of your trip please provide us with the information to



  Margot's L'Escargot       Margot is unusual, although not unique, in the motorhoming world, being a lone lady traveller. She has very kindly agreed to tell us about her motorhoming experiences travelling Europe. We caught up with Margot in Altura on the Algarve in Portugal.
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Ecomomy drive - and mission accomplished! More of that in a moment. a follow-up to our article 'mission impossible' Once again we have been off in our motorhome to conduct research, this time, into exactly how frugally we could travel. Our starting point happened to be from our 'home' in eastern Spain and the hoped for destination, Portugal.If you have been following our blog you will already know that we have had a great little journey, been to some fab places and enjoyed some great company with new friends. As well as looking for new sites , aires and wildcamping spots, as usual, we were looking to complete the journey within the following guidelines:
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Getting the call of the wild when no budget has been set aside can be frustrating to say the least. A challenge they say is good, and so in the spirit of research for clubmotorhome and not, of course, because there are some fabulous fiestas to experience during the very important Easter 'celebrations' here in Spain - We have decided to set off again with three very important aims:
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