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  • As a visitor to the Club Motorhome website your access is limited but you will still be able to see the following: Article Previews: Brief introductions to our Articles - go to 'Magazine Section' in the Main Menu to find them.
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  • This is just to show users how easy it is to register on Club Motorhome. Being a Non Member doesn't give any extra access or privileges - but upgrading to full member is also very easy if that's what you'd like.
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  • £20 a year. Joining as a Full Member gives access to ALL the features of the Club Motorhome website
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Just click on the boxes above to see what is readily available on Club Motorhome. Other than visitor/guest access there is registration as Non Member and Full Membership which requires a modest subscription.

Club Motorhome is still a relatively young website but it's grown rapidly with most of its content being created, sourced and/or reproduced by the Admin team, the remainder of the website content has been submitted by its members - and there is far more in the pipeline!

Becoming a 'Full Member' means that you are helping and supporting the continued growth and development of Club Motorhome - which has enormous potential to become a leading information resource for motorhome owners and enthusiasts.

As a member there is no obligation to take an active part in the site but, as with any 'Club' environment, the more you put in the more you will get out of it. So please do consider contributing by way of stopover information, forum/chat input, feedback etc. There is information that explains what you can do to help continue to build this motorhome community here - Your Input

To join in and make use of all this information you can join by completing the registration form and following the instructions - it only takes a minute or two!

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If you are a Non Member and would like to upgrade to Full Membership just click on Upgrade Subscription (make sure you are logged in first) and follow the instructions.

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We would also welcome your feedback - please feel free to use the comment form below to let us know what you think about Club Motorhome.

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