A Motorhomer’s Guide to Ireland I know from talking to other motohomers that Ireland has been on their bucket list for a while, but somehow first time or repeated trips to mainland Europe seem to take preference, and until this year this was the case with us. One wet winter day back in January I started surfing the internet for inspiration for our next trip and stumbled across the Wild Atlantic Way website. Like the NC 500 in Scotland, or even the Cabot Trail in Canada, the Wild Atlantic Way is a creation of the marketing bods to increase tourism in some of the more remote regions. Anyway, as fore mentioned, Ireland has been on our list of places to travel and the good job done by the marketing bods with the Wild Atlantic Way website convinced us to make 2017 the year.
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  KontikiMan — What can I say Spinner you have really woken my mind to visit Ireland,it has always been on my bucket list and hope to visit in the near future. Thanks for your report....
  katmax — I have been to Ireland lots of times ... it is a beautiful country and you have described it so well ... thank you for a well written and interesting post...
SPOTLIGHT ON ANDALUSIA Spain - a land of contrasts! Delve deeper into the region of Andalusia (or Andalucia if you prefer) and this is truly illustrated by the mountains, sea, farmland, olive groves, natural parks, towns cities and of course its Pueblos Blancos - the list is endless. Of course we are all aware of the regions' towns and cities of Sevilla, Granada, Cadiz, Cordoba and so on and their reputations of beauty, character, history, 'la vida' and of course the gastronomy. These have been written about so often we decided to leave these attractions alone for now and concentrate on having a look around the region to give a little taster of what it is all about.
Briare-le-Canal, France – A Stopover with a Difference By - Spinner Pulling up at an aire or campsite after a hard drive is sometimes enough, we just want to get our heads down and have a good night’s kip, especially if it is a familiar well-travelled route to the Costas. On other occasions however, it’s good to linger, maybe spend a couple of days just chilling. Alternatively, your plan maybe to meander through France and seek out some of the interesting places that the country has to offer.
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  kathyandsteve — Great article and photos, than you ! Added to the list ........
  Traveller_HA5_3DOM — Great review Spinner, I really want to go there now....
Far from the Madding Crowd, Alsace / Lorraine and the Vosges Mountains By - Spinner Motorhomers usually fall into two categories, planners or point and goers. In reality, most of us are somewhere in between, we have an overall plan but nothing is booked or set in stone. France, with its diverse landscape and climate, offers the traveller a plethora of chill out places to visit and because of the fantastic aires little planning is needed. The Vosges in North Eastern France is one of those. Over the centuries this bit of land has been a pawn between France and Germany and, therefore, the culture, architecture and the people reflect this in their outlook and language. The Vosges Mountains reach their highest point with the Grand Ballon, at an altitude of 1424 m. They stretch along the left bank of the Rhine, facing Germany, covering a distance of 250 km, skiing, hiking, and kayaking are all available and easily accessible to the motorhomer.   Little Venice, Colmar Colmar in the department of the Haut-Rhin is a town of half-timbered buildings with cobbled streets intersected by canals. The so called capital of Alsace, Colmar, is only 440 miles from Calais. For those of you who like to crack on, then with an early crossing this can be done in a day and toll free if you go via Belgium and Luxembourg. However, for those whose mantra is “it’s all about the journey” then there are some excellent stopovers en route and these can be found on the Club Motorhome Website.
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  katmax — Another enjoyable read ...
  kathyandsteve — Another great read...
  Cliffhanger — Thanks Spinner for the reply. Certainly provides good spots to aim for. Best wishes Cliffhanger...
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