Trip to Lancashire and Yorkshire

Hi everybody. Just back fro a fortnight in the motorhome.!st Site - Edisford Bridge at Clitheroe. A really good site. Very efficeient, fantastic toilets, good pitches. Good location for walking, cycling and walking into Clitheroe. Walked up Pendle and many other walks. Would recommend.2nd Site Silsden near Keighley -- inspite of rain and gales we walked and saw the sites. Handy for Worth Valley Railway, Bolton Abbey etc.3rd site Buckden. What a pity, the site is brilliantly located but would give it 3 out of 10. Why? On UK Campsite it says it has all the facilities. Problem is that it is split in two. The bottom half has the showers, the washing up facilities. The top half which is where motrorhomes is 250 yards away up a steep hill. Also the pitches are not good, too easy to get stuck. Buckden is pretty but it is "shut". Pub shut, tearoom shut, shop hardly ever open at the whim of the owner, So will not be back.4th site Hawes . What a contrast. Brilliant facilities and cheaper than The caravan and Motorhome Club site in the village. So strongly recommend.
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Had a few days at Edisford bridge in July.A very good site and Clitheroe is a very nice town.
Friday, 29 September 2017 14:36
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Parking barcelona

Has anyone parked for a few weeks in Barcelona.? We are staying there for 2 weeks over Christmas. We are staying with friends and will not need any services.Thanks for any helpSharron Barnett
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Hello SharonThere is a large car park in the Mojuic district where you can park a motorhome 30 euros for 24 hoursSpinner
Thursday, 07 September 2017 21:33
Thanks for that.. sounds rather expensive. I was wondering if anyone had found anything a little more cost effective as we wouldn'... Read More
Friday, 08 September 2017 07:36
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Getting ready for France

I was sitting down after polishing the van to with inch of its life. Guess what , it rained so all my work was in vain . It got me thinking that all the work in getting ready for our hols(France) is totally knackering. I am not quite there in the retired brigade. Still holding down job. Looking quite envesly at the lucky people to be retired. Not wishing my life away but thinking it must be nice to organise a long trip away not just the two weeks annual leave I get. I was wondering is there a book on trips to France taking in regions and there high lights. There so many out there for longer trips away but not so much for two week trips. I know it is personal to the individual but would give a good starting point. Looking forward to some ideas This my first blog so be gentle with the ramblings of my mind. Just finished my tea and biscuits and getting back to polishing the van again.

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Hello GarDaph17I usually clean the outside of our van once a year, going to do the roof again in the next week or so. There are a... Read More
Tuesday, 04 July 2017 22:21
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Mot and insurance

Just had my old 16 year old van mot'd passed with flying colours just one advisory which isn't important at the moment,really well I've just renewed my insurance with Adrian flux £45 cheaper than my current insurance.I would highly recommend them.
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That's good news all round! I hope Adrian Flux gave you some discount for CM membership Did you mean this to be a blog or forum po... Read More
Saturday, 18 February 2017 10:34
Hi Neil Mac ime just getting to find my way around the updated website
Saturday, 18 February 2017 11:22
I have just had a quote from Adrian Flux ... I have to say I am not impressed ... mentioned CM twice and the person seemed not to ... Read More
Friday, 10 March 2017 23:30
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Hello from a Newbie/cher

Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome!! Looking forward to sharing info and photos and some tales of people and places experienced when our wheels are turning and we go motoring in our camper. Unfortunately, I had to sell my 32ft 7.5 ton RV but my partner has a lovely Adria and we have enjoyed some lovely trips through France/Germany and of course good old UK.
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Spring is around the corner and its time to prepare the camper ready to depart for French shores mid March. My partner and I ar... Read More
Monday, 06 February 2017 11:15
Hi Cher, have a great trip. Whereabouts is Sourigny, I couldn't find it
Monday, 06 February 2017 11:42
There is a Sorigny in France near Tours ... not heard of another NEILMAC
Monday, 06 February 2017 19:54
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