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Cycle ride at Lac Guerledan

Tuesday 10th April

Today we hopped on our bikes and decided to cycle from St-Aginan to the Dam at Lac Guerledan. Weather was a bit on the showery side, yes even here in Brittany it has April Showers.

We cycled up the path along side the Nantes Brest Canal which was nice and flat, at a sign stating pedestrians only and showing only 0.7km to the Dam we followed the cycle trail. This began a very steep climb and took us miles out our way and we ended up at some holiday camp, not a Dam insight.

We then back tracked and took the pedestrians only route, to find this is as far you can get to the Dam. (see photo below) Very disappointing, it looks nothing like the photo's in all the brochures, probably due to the fact we were on our bikes and not in a helicopter.

There are two options to cycle along the canal, one is more off road and through the wood, more suitable for mountain bikes, the other is easier to ride along.

After getting soaked, we headed back to the camper van and had a nice cup of tea and a sandwich, one thing missing after our exercise was cake, so off we popped to find a patisserie.

Chocolate Eclairs, these were amazing, filled with a dark chocolate mouse.

Giant Boulders at Huelgoat
Pontivy, Brittany

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Sounds like you are having fun, thanks for the updates.


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