Hello from the catering department. (MrsAdmin)

Funny how despite some changes to the domestic scene while we are on the road, for example role reversal in coffee and bed making, I am still always in charge of buying and cooking. Seems fair as he himself does all the driving, maintenance, bathrooms duties and so on. Of course he does cook at home, in fact, even has signature dishes and definitely has signature kitchen debris! That could be it, as we all know that however well our 'homes' are designed there is never quite enough room for ten chopping boards! Still it remains for me to wonder whether finding interesting and economical meals whilst travelling is left to me due to the challenge! 

We have however come up with one or two recipes that do just this and thought that a collection of MH friendly meals would be helpful both to newbies and those looking for some variety. Steak and salad can be very good but not EVERY night! 

We are inviting members to send in their favourite recipes that have both economy in terms of fuel consumption, simplicity and variety in mind.

For Subscribers a collection of recipes have been posted here.

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Hello from the catering department. (MrsAdmin) Funny how despite some changes to the domestic...
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